Precision Cutting Services is a locally owned and operated business in the Lahaina Business Park at Emerald Plaza. Maui artist and business owner, Michael Orr, is proud to bring Maui waterjet cutting technology and expertise. PCS provides commercial and residential customers with services previously available only from the mainland. PCS is happy to work with clients for a completely custom project or provide selection from our existing samples.

Have a custom project or idea in mind?  Tell us what you need and we can cut it!

Chipped Travertine Turtle
27" x 27"

How does Waterjet Cutting Work?

A waterjet machine is essentially two components: the x-y-z table which moves the cutting heads over the material and a high intensity pump that generates 40,000 psi. At this pressure, water alone can cut plastics, foam, wood, rubber and similar soft substances. When cutting harder materials such as metals, (even tool steel) stone, ceramics, glass and dense high tech composites, a garnet abrasive is fed into the waterjet stream for stronger erosive action. Movement of the cutting nozzle is guided by CAD/CAM software instructions, which are generated from customer specifications/drawings. Unlike other cutting methods, the waterjet stream does not exert pressure or heat on the working material.